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Thread: 2010 tahoe truck norris cam idle problems

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    2010 tahoe truck norris cam idle problems

    I did the btr truck norris cam 5.3 with vvt and dod delete a year ago. New valve springs pushrods and oil pump. It also has a nitrous express plate kit behind the factory throttle body. Haven't used it much only on 75hp jets. Had a local tune it ran decent then recently had new mufflers and true duals installed and it runs horrible. Starts great runs good until warm then horrible. I purchased hp mpvi3 and a aem wideband with the prolink cable which i still can't get to connect the scanner. I have made the basic changes that i have read on here. I really need help if someone could look at my tune and a recent log.
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    Check the factory narrow band oxygen sensors/wires. Ran fine, then exhaust work, now runs fine cold (open loop) but not warm (closed loop) is pointing my mind there; did the sensors get compromised in some way when they were fooling with the exhaust.
    edit: Well the O2 sensors seem to look ok in the log, but the fuel trims are swinging around pretty far... was the location of the O2 sensors in the exahust changed in a detrimental way?
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