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Thread: Help Pair TractAddict with a RaceBox Mini GPS

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    Help Pair TractAddict with a RaceBox Mini GPS

    I bought a RaceBox Mini GPS receiver recently and I prefer TractAddict over other apps but I can't get the two working together. The TractAddict users guide indicates it should work if I set the GPS input as BLE in the settings. When I select BLE in the app, I get a popup message saying "This mode is for certain compatible BLE GPS units, such as Racebox BTLE." But, TrackAddict won't recognize the RaceBox GPS unit.

    Below are my reproduction steps.

    I put my RaceBox mini in the window of my home. I started the RaceBox app on my Android device and confirmed the RaceBox mini is connected to the RaceBox app by showing connected to 13 satellites at a data rate of 24.5 Hz and accuracy of 1.2 meters. I then disconnect the RaceBox app from the GPS device in order to allow TrackAddict to connect to it since two apps can't use the device at the same time.

    In the TrackAddict app, I've gone to settings and under INPUT: POSITION & SPEED, I've selected BLE for my GPS. When I exit settings, the status bar at the bottom is red and reads GPS signal acquiring. It then switches to green and reads GPS signal OK. When I click on the green bar it says GPS signal: OK followed by 3.9m @ 1Hz from GPS. The status bar is also changing between being yellow for GPS Signal Weak to Greek for GPS signal OK. My phone is inside my house but 3 feet away from the RaceBox Mini in the window.

    If I go back into settings and switch the INPUT: POSITION & SPEED GPS setting to Internal and press the green status bar again, I see GPS Signal: OK followed by 3.8m @ 1.2Hz from GPS.

    For information, I am not attempting to connect the RaceBox mini using bluetooth as I am relying on the direct communication between the RaceBox mini and TrackAddict per the BLE protocol.

    It would appear to me from the tests above that TrackAddict doesn't see the RaceBox Mini and is using the internal GPS when BLE is selected in settings.

    What am I missing? Anyone else have success connecting to a RaceBox Mini?
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