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Thread: mk6 2.5 tuning

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    mk6 2.5 tuning

    Hello, Just a general question about vw. Will there be any support given to the vw golf with the 2.5 liter ? Very interested in tuning my car . Ive searched for other platforms with no success. If anybody knows of a platform i can download to tune a 2.5 liter i would greatly appreciate it. I dont want to buy a canned tune. I want to tune myself. Ive checked efi live, hp tuners and cobb . None show support for the 2.5. Thanks guys. ..... And gals

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    I was just wondering this myself, I just picked up a 2013 beetle with a 2.5 in it...
    Don't have a real need to be able to tune it yet, but it'll come eventually.