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Thread: 22 mustang gt ghost cam

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    22 mustang gt ghost cam

    I have it loping well in park, used map point 25, it?s an automatic car 10 speed, when put in drive, the rpm drops much lower than what it should be at, and the car acts like it can?t find idle, does anyone have any ideas what it could be? It will go up to the set point of 900-950ish and then try to drop back down to 500

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    Show me what u changed i might can help you

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    Rescale your Distance Tables. Check your VCT Schedule Mode to see what tdistances you're running. You probably have a blend between different columns of RPM. A interpolation back and forth between 500 rpm and 1000 rpm. Your car idles in one table, one distance, one mapped point. You can find that in your own datalogs you recorded before using, once again, VCT Schedule mode, during idle.
    You have to assign the ghost cam in the distance tables that your car is running and weighing in.not all distances. or you're just wasting time messing with other distances, causing drivability issues.