Hello, trying to change the vin in a ECM from a 2012 chevy malibu to the VIN of a 2007 chevu cobalt that im going to try to install the used module in. I know i need to program the used module with sps2 and i have that, but when i bring it up in sps2 it sees the VIN from the 12 malibu, not the 07 cobalt. There used to be a VIN override in sps2 where you could change the vin, but not anymore. When i try to use hpt to chaneg the vin, it says OS/VIN not compatible, but i know for a fact these ecu's are compatible. Any help is great, thanks, sorry if its confusing

Customer vehicle = 2007 cobalt - needs ecu
Donor vehicle ecu = 2012 chevy malibu

Need to write the VIN of the cobalt int he malibu for program with sps2