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Thread: Torque Based Tuning help MED 17.1

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    Question Torque Based Tuning help MED 17.1

    I just learned a lot about torque based tuning on the million tables the Audi has. Really interesting stuff! However, I need a little help understanding how the ECU MED 17.1 understands the changes to the Torque tables and Driver Demand tables. So what I DO understand that, if you want more performance, the ECU looks at Desired load->Driver demand -> Normalized torque-> Optimum torque ->Torque to load and references those against the corresponding "monitoring tables". Then decides how much air charge, fueling, timing, spark and boost to give to reach the torque numbers you've modified in the tables. I'm sure I'm missing some parts of the equation but can someone point me in the right direction?

    I own a 2010 Audi A4 Quattro 6 speed manual. Only has a high flow cat. I haven't messed with it yet but can't justify spending $700 on 80hp. Given the fact that I have previous experience with great results.

    I've tuned a couple GM cars and a couple Dodges and timing and fueling was pretty straight forward on those. Can someone help, or point me in the right direction?

    Attached is my Audi's "Tune" although its just the base file HPTuners provided me with.

    Thank you for your time and thanks for looking!
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    This ECU is very easy to tune once you understand the underlying logic and the torque model. You really need to understand the torque model and correctly adjust torque monitoring & torque output maps or youll get massive timing intervention that will appear as fake knock through ignition retard channels 1-4. On MED17 you do not tune any dutycycle or boost maps as MED17 contains turbo specification = compressore efficiency maps, turbine efficiency maps, turbo gas flow etc.... Everything is calculated and it is based 100% in physics...