Long story short, I am swapping a transmission into another chassis. My goal is to run a 10R80, but US Shift has continually pushed back their release date... And I have heard mixed things about them.

Can anyone provide data stream information from an F150 with a standalone TCM? I can buy one from a dismantler for relatively cheap, I can wire it, and I can program a microcontroller to send the TCM the information it expects to see. I just need to know how, and what the TCM expects to see. I hate doing it, but I am sure I will have to buy a wiring diagram for the pin out on the TCM, but that's the name of the game.

My next question is, will I still be able to interface HP Tuners with the TCM over the CAN lanes of an OBD2 port, or is this not how the TCM is spoken to through HP Tuners?

Thanks for any info!