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Thread: help needed tuning 04.5+ ecu using 03-04 pistons & injectors

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    help needed tuning 04.5+ ecu using 03-04 pistons & injectors

    Hello i?m hoping to get some direction on tuning an 04.5 ecu with the earlier 03-04 piston bowl design and matching injectors. From what i understand the 6.7s went back to a similar bowl design and spray pattern but there is a lot different between the 2 when trying to compare tunes.
    I have noticed that my truck is especially noisy at idle even compared to a stock 03 305hp truck.
    Not really looking for any huge power gains but i know the 325hp tuning is not optimized for the early pistons and injectors.
    I?m very familiar with HP Tuners and gas tuning but have never tried anything on a diesel.Any starting pointers would be appreciated.

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    If it?s noisy at idle just reduce injection timing.

    Seems like the bowls are narrower on the 03-04?

    I would think that advanced timing would make it spray outside of the bowl more than the 04.5 would.

    If I researched it right.