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Thread: 2013 CTS-V VVE Tuning

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1qwkss View Post
    So I?ve solved the issue?it?s 100% not tune relative. My alternator wire was resting on the driver side header as the OEM ?zip tie? mount had failed. It arced and put a hole in a primary?under throttle where it should have been running around 11.5:1 it was between 15.5-16.5:1. I may not have posted a log at 3500+rpm. But all resolved now and now I can focus on scaling my MAF and then move onto VVE with accurate information obtained.
    Glad to hear you found the problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgod1100 View Post
    Glad to hear you found the problem!
    Thought that was the issue?twas not?while watching my logs the commanded afr shows roughly 11.3-11.5 actual is yielding 15.4-16.2 noticed the alternator is charging rather inconsistently but is still testing good. Anywhere from 12.8-15.1 on the DIC. I?m going fkn crazy with this thing 🙄