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Thread: PATS disable 2013

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    PATS disable 2013

    I am doing an engine swap with a 2013 gt500 5.8l engine. From my understanding HP tuners has and option to but cannot turn off the PATS anti theft. Does anyone know who I can get ahold of to get it disabled. I have it installed and all wired and plumbed. But it won?t start without it done.

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    Talk to Christian at Power By the Hour Performance, I recently have had a very similar issue with an engine swap I am doing with a factory PCM, and I paid a local shop to "delete" the PATS supposedly with HP Tuner. However, after much frustration I've learned that that apparently hasn't worked, and has to be Disabled with IDS software or something like that. Any ways, I Mailed my PCM to them and they are Disabling the PATS as well as changing the VIN for me. Coincidentally he said this is what they have to do for the GT500 engine Swaps.

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    Thank you. I will give him a call. Hopefully things will go smoothly

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    Forscan and HPTUNERS can do almost anything I changed the Vin off a junkyard PCM removed the 15 idol count down ect
    Forscan is much cheaper then IDS