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Thread: 6R140 Gas Torque Converter Lockup

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    6R140 Gas Torque Converter Lockup

    I am looking to get the torque converter to lockup sooner in my truck which is a 2016 f250 6.2 with the 6R140. the truck is lifted on 37s and has been gear swapped to 4.88s. i am looking to get the TC to lock up sooner to help with heat and mpg where possible. i also use the truck to pull a 10k travel trailer and have seen higher temps then i want. the issue i have is that most of what i see is for a diesel 6r140. the Gas 6r140 does not have anywhere near the tables of the diesel. i have attached the current tune on the truck. i have made changes to some of the general torque converter tables, based on post #3 from the link below. i did about half of what was noted in the post.
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