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Thread: Cannot Create New HP Tuners Account

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    Cannot Create New HP Tuners Account


    I just purchased the MPVI3, ProLink+, AEM wide band kit, and a new laptop so I can get into tuning. So I'm at $1250 into this at this point.

    Yet, the HP Tuners website will not allow me to create a new account. I input my information, complete the Capcha, and try to click the "Create" button and it does nothing.

    I have tried using Chrome, Brave, and Edge browsers and they all do the same.

    This is beyond frustrating.

    Please advise.

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    Put in a support ticket. They will take care of it. Maybe not on a weekend but they will fix.

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    Thanks. Just did. I also tried using Firefox. Same thing. Website does nothing.

    And I tried all of these on two different computers, desktop and laptop.

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    Update. I figured it out. It was not obvious to me but I had to first put in my e-mail then confirm it. Then I was able to register.

    Thanks for your help.