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Thread: MAF Error Ratio table

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    MAF Error Ratio table

    I'm trying to make a MAF Error Ratio table for MAF tuning, I've seen were people have made them before. I have my wideband working(using prolink and AEM 30-3010), I pressed "transform" and set the units in lambda instead of volts but when I go into the math parameters and when I select the wideband it will not let me put it in lambda but only in volts or millivolts. Therefore the table will not work, I attached some pictures below. Can I not do this or am I doing something wrong Screenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).png

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    when u add the WB to the error calc u have to use the transform pid u used, when open to add pid click the green gear so it only shows logged pids then go down to the mpvi input transform pid and add that one, if u just add the channels pid then ur just adding the voltage

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    100 * (( 2 * [30011.10] + 10) / 14.7 - [50118.238]) / [50118.238]