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Thread: Cadillac ATS 2.0T (LTG, 6L45, 2015) tuning community

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    Cadillac ATS 2.0T (LTG, 6L45, 2015) tuning community

    There doesn't seem to be much out there for tuning the LTG engine, which I left alone. I'm using information from Pontiac G8 forums for TCM tuning because the ATS has a similar TCM (T43)

    I've upgraded:


    Induction hose and air filter

    Throttle body

    Intercooler and charge pipes

    Anndddd finally a remote-tune from ZZP. I want to tweak my 'touring node' shift points and retain the 'sport mode' if that's possible. The ZZP tune really woke the car up, but had an undesirable effect on commute drivability. So, I've kept my tuning interface and I'm tinkering with my tune.

    I'm looking for resources/experience with this car
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    i have found the stock tables on the 2015 for trans shifting are fine as is in tour mode they are quite a bit different from my 2014s tour stock tables i assumed this was from gm having 2 years of info and corrected the tables for better fuel economy and they work much better and yes you can edit only the tour mode tables they are separate from sport and winter modes

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    I own an ATS and am constantly tuning it.