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Thread: Unable to Open File, File Failed Validation check error

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    Question Unable to Open File, File Failed Validation check error

    When you read your PCM and then try to open the file with VCM Editor and receive this message here's what you should do:

    1. Email the .hpt file as well as a VCM Suite infolog while connected to the vehicle in question to us at support at
    2. we will review the file for integrety and if the checksums are correct & not disabled, missing or corrupt we will send you an update as soon as possible to fix this issue.
    3. the fix will be included in all future shipped software and updates.

    Fixing these issues are #1 when it comes to support so you can be assured that you have our full attention when we receive one of these emails.

    This error is most common on Ford, Dodge & GM Alloytech(Bosch) pcm's & usually means its a new operating system we have yet to come across & we need to map the calibration for your use which can take several days or longer depending on the complexity of the operating system.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience (we know what it is like to get something new only to have to wait another day to use it).

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