Hi all,

It is VERY important that you write your VCM with a binary file that is based on the file you initially read from the VCM.

It is also VERY important that if you use another tool to modify the VCM in any way that you re-read the VCM and begin using the new file as the basis of any further mods.

- write a binary that came from another VCM
- write a binary file that has been created or modified using another software package

So what happens if you do this?
1. If you write an Operating System that is not the same as yours and VCM Flash doesn't catch it - VCM WILL BE FRIED (note: we have checks in place but there more chance of problems on 98 V8 VCMs due to less checks available)
2. There is a chance that the VCM checksum will become corrupted and the engine will not run (generally you will be able to recover the VCM by loading the last know good file back into the PCM using VCM Flash, although this is not guaranteed - we have 100% recovery rate in development testing).

Why is this important?
We have made VCM Flash as robust as possible for these non-segmented binaries by only writing non-critical flash segments, to allow VCM recovery in case of various write failure sceanrio's (such as PC loss of power, baterry low voltage etc.). Above all, we have designed it to work in harmony with VCM Editor such that VCM Recovery is possible in almost all cases.