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Thread: TCC Control L67

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    TCC Control L67


    Now I know this is going to sound weird but I want to double check myself here. Looking at the TCC duty cycle tables (min and max), it's obviously PWM driving the TCC. Now I'm planning on using the 4T65E output to drive a 4L80E which has a bianary lockup, i.e. on and off. I figure that I bascially need to pick temp and line pressures that I don't want lockup below (or above for that matter) and set the tables identically to either 0 or 100 to convert to bianary correct?
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    That should work yes, however, there are other tables in the L67 4T65 PCM that HPT can't control. An example, I tried to disable my TC when it was failing, even after changing the tables we had (such as TC engagement speed) it would still once and a while still lock (e.g., i couldn't shut if off permanently).

    Your idea though should work as long as the computer doesn't get too smart on ya. I did try it once on mine 0 and 100 and it would lock unlock but the 4t65 TC isn't made to lock 100%, it's designed to slip, so my engagement was hard as hell and the car would shutter.
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