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Thread: Bluecat Transmission Table Software

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    While it has been updated to 8 and 10 speed, HP modified the way the entries etc are so it is not just a copy paste any more. Sure would be great if someone could get Phillip to update this for more trans/newer transmissions. I sent him a donation years ago because Bluecat had helped me so much early on when trying to get a handle on trans tuning. I would hand him $100 in a heartbeat for a new version. One that would also mod the pressure tables would be worth $200.
    Which part are you not able to copy / paste?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10SecSleeper View Post
    Which part are you not able to copy / paste?
    I'll have to go back and look. Just remember the last transmission I used it on had an issue. I think it was TCC lockup speed or something like that