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Thread: READ ME!!! General tuning info and how-to's

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    READ ME!!! General tuning info and how-to's

    I thought it would be a good idea to have a main thread with all the how-to's listed from the stickies as well as any technical information so here they are. Thanks to all the guys that wrote up much of this info or arranged it so we can understand it haha. I also took some things fomr LS1Tech stickies. Let me know of others to add.

    BEFORE POSTING TO ASK FOR HELP!! read this first

    What does Proportional Fueling do?

    What does the VE do?

    STFT and LTFT: How does it work?

    Dialing in the MAF

    Dialing in the MAF Simple version by EC_Tune

    Tips when using a wideband

    HP Tuners .bin file Repository

    Idle Tuning Startup Guide

    Info on injector ratings

    Injector ratings and how they work

    Getting started, tuning info

    Fuel Economy Tuning Ideas

    Map Sensor Part #'s

    Engine Modes

    Disadvantage of Using MAF in Forced Induction applications

    Difference Between 1/2/3 Bar MAP

    Accuracy of 1/2/3 bar MAP sensors

    Wiring up an LM1 in a C5 Vette

    Why not to tune WOT with stock Narrowband Oxygen Sensors

    Why is my Timing Higher or Lower than my Commanded Timing?

    Great LS1 tuning info

    Reduced power mode, why it happens and what the fix is

    Max Line Pressure while in Speed Density, why it happens and what the fix is

    Why is my Dynamic Cylinder Air reading so low while in Speed Density mode?

    Final Explanation of the P0121 code

    Why is PE not kicking in when I command it to & rather gives me a 14.7:1 afr?

    What would cause my Trims to be -100 on my 97-98 LSx pcm'd vehicle?

    VATS Relearn procedure - it takes 10 minutes

    Car Going To Stoich At WOT when commanded afr is richer? Have you checked your TPS?

    Transient Fuel discussion

    Cars commanded AFR going very rich at WOT when PE table commands a higher AFR?

    Only seeing a partial DTC listing

    36# GTP Injector settings

    Why is it that when you put values into the cells they almost always change to some other value?

    Universal Injector Spreadsheet

    Scanner config & histogram repository

    General Symptoms & Causes thread
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