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Thread: BEFORE POSTING TO ASK FOR HELP!! read this first

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    BEFORE POSTING TO ASK FOR HELP!! read this first


    Everyone who posts up and wants help, POST FILES! We cannot help diagnose something if you give us nothing to work with. Too many people here lately have been posting for help and giving no information. You have the tools, so USE THEM! Your .hpl scanner log, .hpt file from the vehicle, config file, VCM Scanner.cfg file(for custom pid issues), etc are all necessity and without posting these files theres a good chance you won't even get a response until you've posted the necessary information so we can TRY to start to help you.

    Also, if you are posting to have people look over your tune, and just check things, please post in the "getting started" section.

    It seems recently there have been a LOT of people posting log files to look at, I think it is great and have no problem helping.... BUT I wanted to make a post so all of you that are just getting into tuning know what to log so we can help a lot easier.

    I attached one of my configs, I will try to get some more up, it is pretty basic to get idle and drivabiltly issues logged. This one is setup for use with a wideband though.

    Idle issues:

    If you are having issues with the car idling some of the basics you should include are:

    -Spark advance
    -IAC steps
    -Idle desired airflow
    -Dynamic airflow with SD and MAF airflow with MAF
    -LTIT (in gear for manual and autos need to log both gear and p/n)
    -Wideband or fuel trims (LTFT/STFT both banks) if you dont have a wideband

    Drivability issues:

    These are some of the more important things to log:

    -Spark advance
    -Knock retard
    -Dynamic airflow if you are SD and MAF airflow if you have a MAF
    -o2 readings (bank 1/2 sensor 1)
    -Injector pulse width
    -Fuel trims or wideband (wideband is the prefered device)
    -Cylinder air (g/cyl)
    -IAC steps
    -Throttle cracker and follower airflow if you are having hunting issues or hanging rpms, also include a cold start up idle log)

    If you guys know anything to add to the list let me know and I will fix it, I just wanted to get something up here to help out. Also if you stay under 24 bytes sample time is faster so it will help even more. It helps us to look at the things we need to see and lets us find issues faster

    Also please supply us with a detailed mods list, not "I've got a big cam & heads setup"...provide us with the specs of the cam & heads so that we can tell what we are dealing with.
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