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Thread: 2014 CTS-V Sport, no adjustable transmission parameters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Blackwood View Post
    Interesting. Well since I have it and the Toyo wiring info I will look up the CTSV wiring diagram and see how close it is. Might just hook it up anyway to see what happens. Doubtful I can burn out the solenoids so why not try?


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    Hello Jim,

    My name is Carlos Lopez.
    I'm the owner or CLR Motorsports in Florida.
    Besides being a professional IMSA racing driver and SCCA GT-1 Champion, Also a Daytona 24Hr winner.
    Supplied racing Rotary engines to Mazda
    North America for the American Le Mans Series, from
    04-07. Reason I'm reaching out to you is as follows:

    Been researching any and all leads and post with full intentions to run an Aisin AA80e controller by a full Stand Alone controller or the Cadillac varient. Doest matter.
    My idea/design/project is to cut off the bell housing, delete the Torque Converter, and replace with a standard OEM Bell housing and dual disc racing clutch and Ultra light weight flywheel thus doing away with the mass of the Converter and this increase the rate of acceleration.
    I did this same thing with a Turbo 400 when I was 17 for my 1970 Trans Am. Absolutely LOVED IT.
    When I sold the car in my 30's I pulled the gearbox and kept it. Installed am Monsi M-22 and sold.
    I still have the gearbox. Can send pics to prove it.

    Could easily use a Zf 8hp, with a controller already available and all bugs already worked out, but the Aisin has FAR better gear ratios, and What I learn way back with my TH-400 to increase Torque Capacity and shift speed, I can apply to the AA80 and build a system well capable of handling 1200 Mn or 900 Lbs/Ft. of Torque.
    With this project, well it's a system. It's adaptable to any vehicle or car brand by simply changing the bell housing. My personal desire is to build a full race gearbox, that can easily be driven on the street.

    I know nothing about electronics. But I also know that a simple controller to work only on shift commands as in full manual mode. On demand Neural, free rev launch, disengage between for smooth shifting, up or down, all aspects of a manual plus all benefits of a Clutchless automatic.

    The gearbox will not need a solenoid for Lock Up, as there will be no converter. I believe the un-used solenoid could be the missing link to make the
    MegaShift box work.

    I'd like to make a Full System that could be bolted up to any engine, with its own proprietary controller.

    You seam to understand the electronics well.
    A simple almost analog controller would work.
    No shift strategy would be necessary although would be nice.

    Think about this and please respond regardless if interested or not.We can work together to bring this "Kit" to all that interest a race worthy 8 spd.

    Kind regards, and please respond at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

    - Carlos Lopez.