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Thread: Twin turbo 6.0

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    Twin turbo 6.0

    Just got my car running the other night and it would idle just way rich. I knew everything wasn't right so I did some copy and paste from the sloppy mechanics wiki. Now it will barely start and run for just a few seconds as it goes way lean and has no throttle response. I just need a little guidance so I can get it running again and start fine tuning. Id really appreciate any help. Thanks 1.hpt

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    need to know mods and your tune file is way off not setup properly. on a twin turbo setup you are looking at major damage

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    Your Main VE table is off, i mean all messed up bad, but what you can do is, go find ya a boosted Main VE table... im talking one thats known good.. like even from sloppy mechanics and highlight the whole Main VE table, by clicking on the top left cell above the 30kpa that is empty, that will cause all to be highlighted and then click copy, then go to your Main VE table and highlight all, then hit paste... save file and you will be lots more close to having at lest a base tune.. and it will start maybe not idle so good but start..

    Though i saw a few other parameters that was off.. your Main VE is poison... get that fixed up and you'll be ok.. but whatever you do, dont go into boost until you get your car to a tuner and tuned correctly.. you must have either copied the wrong tune file to your VE but what im thinking is, you must have just done the copy and paste wrong..

    If you really want man you can learn how to tune, if i was able to learn anyone can learn, ha trust me.. but there are lots of sites that will help you learn, just takes time to read.. and lots and lots and lots of reading.. here try this site below, i learned how to tune the VE using LTFTs on my stock O2s, it might be able to give you insight into what and how tuning is done and how to smooth out your VE table..

    Also i saw your MAF is still hooked up, this site will help you with tuning that as well as. though most go MAFless on boosted apps running a SD tune which your Main VE is what needs to be tuned for that, this site should help ya also see the hptuners help file look for advanced tuning for VE Edit: is a good place too hope things work out for ya... if you need any help, though im not too smart on the matter, ill try my best to help ya.. but ya neways peace man

    Edit: Also as i was looking, you have the closed loop disabled 285, whats your reason behind this, are you not using the stock O2s for fueling adjustments, are you using a WBo2 to tune with ? if not, it might be best for you to go back to a stock file, for a fresh new start.. neways yeah peace man
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