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Thread: 2014-2016 Jeep Wrangler Supercharger Tuning Services needed

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    2014-2016 Jeep Wrangler Supercharger Tuning Services needed

    Can anyone point me to a Tuner that has Experience tuning Supercharged JK Wranglers (Edelbrock/Magnuson)?

    Ive got a 2016 Wrangler that I want to add a Edelbrock Eforce charger. Edelbrock says that their only options are sell me a 2014 kit with SCT tuner and I would have to get a 2014 PCM, get it programmed to my 2016 VIN number or find my own tuning solution.

    I like the idea of having HPtuners unlock my 2016 PCM and getting a custom tune but have not experience with Dodge/Jeep tuning (tuned about 15 GM LSX) so I would need a base tune like what comes with the SCT but I dont know how to get that.

    So help me out and point me to someone that can help.

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    Contact HemiTuner

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    Contact OST dyno in Pa.
    We specialize in tuning supercharged Pentastars and Gen III Hemi's. I would would be glad to assist you.
    We are tuning a 14 JK with a Sprintex charger and 40's on it today
    Please email - I'm not on here enough to check messages.
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    What spark plugs are you using in the sprintex 14jk. I have the same jeep and sprintex stage 2.

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    I just finished a 2014 Jeep with a stg2 Prodigy Turbo kit a few weeks ago. If the others that posted don't get you squared away, PM me. I have s/c tunes for them as well will work for a base tune and I'll dial it in for you.
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