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Thread: The tuning school books any good?

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    Found the GM 4-6-8 speed tranny book to be very helpful for a first time tuner although its a bit pricey @ $ does lack in depth details as some sections don't mention any explanation of what it does nor why it recommends certain values to be entered... only other criticism I have is the fact that it says to modify/disable TRQ reduction without any warnings while the HP software/guide clearly warns that it will break something/reduce tranny life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedart View Post
    Hi, how can I contact you? Need to know about email tunes
    My email is

    Email Tunes, PM me for more info
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    Moving to .87-.88 I have picked up almost 5 mph vrs running .82-.84. On the 4 cylinder turbo stuff seen 30whp going from .84 to .87. Not that I would keep running a car at .90 but seen some cars logs tuned by Justin white he is running lt4s at .90-.92 but also could be why his tuned engines seem to lose head gaskets. My personal experience has been a little leaner when on ethanol and methanol combinations will make quite a bit more power. But on methanol and say ms109 my car didn?t like being leaner then .84-.85. And I haven?t played with 93 only enough to know as not much is staying that way any more and not at least running a methanol kit due to so many fuel system limitations across all engine sizes. 93 only in boosted applications might also like .84 as race fuel was around that range too. Ethanol seems to drive it to like it a little more lean in my experience anyway. Your a lot more seasoned then I am so just sharing what I have come across.
    I haven't seen any faster times running any leaner than approx. .88 on a bolt-on e85 LT1. Also unless it is really really humid I don't pickup running higher than 26* timing, I tried 30*. If I am missing something I will run .90-.91 more and play with it to see what I can get but I didn't see anything in two runs and put it back. I wasn't comfortable leaving it there if I didn't notice obvious gains since I was making full 1/4 passes instead of a single dyno pull