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Thread: 2011 Cruz 1.4 TCM reflash

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    2011 Cruz 1.4 TCM reflash

    Hi, I'm working on a 2011 cruz 1.4. The owner of the car installed a used trans module. Now the car won't work, it acts like it's in neutral in any trans position. Any suggestions on how to fix it, if there's a way to use hp tuners to reprogram or to reflash this vehicle and "sync" it with the used TCM? Thanks

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    If you have the tune file from the car before changing the tcm, you could write entire on the tcm without out writing the ecm and it would be like the tcm was always from that car.

    I did this on my 2008 G5 GT when my tcm shorted from jumpstarting another car. Bought a tcm from an impala and flashed the tcm file off my tune i had already and it fixed all issues i was having from using a different module.

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    Is the hardware the correct #? What vehicle did the used TCM come out of?

    You could try to flash a stock TCM OS into it, either from the original file or if you dont have it, grab one from the repository. If that doesnt work, you'll need to use SPS to flash it with a stock OS/calibration.
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