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Thread: Tuned with old Jet Performance Module? Help Needed

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    Tuned with old Jet Performance Module? Help Needed

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to HPtuners, I have been messing around a little bit with my 2002 Suburban 2500 (6.0L) the last week, playing with the tune. Well, I ran into a road block and I am stumped now! I was doing an Electric Fan conversion, and when I pulled the cover off the PCM, I saw it had a Jet Performance chip thing on the PCM. It sat inline on the Red connector. I am not at a bit of a loss for what this thing did, and what effects I will see now. I have a few concerns.

    1.) When I downloaded my stock tune with HPtuners, did I get something that wasn't stock because of this Jet unit?

    2.) If I remove it, will my HPtuners still see my PCM normally, or did it see this Jet unit?

    3.) Anyone know how this Jet unit works? If I knew that I might could figure out the rest, don't know if it is on the output side or the input side of things or what it actually does.


    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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    It's a fooler module, as you saw it goes inline and tweaks the signals the PCM sees so it makes more power. Now that it's removed, re-download your tune and make your efan changes. (You probably got the stock tune anyway, but can't hurt to spend the extra few minutes and re-download it anyway.)
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    I unknowingly downloaded and licensed a Hypertech "tuned" GEN4 Denali about 6 months ago. When I realized it was not the original tune I asked the owner and he used the Hypertech to return it to stock. Then I went to tune it and could not.....because HPTuners did not recognize the vehicle anymore. I paid to license it fare and square but there was nothing support would do to help my situation even though all VIN and ID matched.

    Hopefully, like ScarabEpic22 said, you got the stock tune and won't have my situation.