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Thread: After tuning my F150 EB, Trans is having major issues (I think its TCC related)

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    After tuning my F150 EB, Trans is having major issues (I think its TCC related)

    So after making some changes to the engine calibration only, it was running better than ever. Then after about 100 miles the orange wrench light started flashing (not the check engine light), and the truck was shaking and shuttering badly and I limped it the 1 mile home like that. I assume this is the TCC? Anyways after resorting to other changes, it resolved for a while entirely and then did it again. I went back to an older iteration that never did that, and now I have no wrench light but some light shudder all the time, more noticeable at different vehicle speeds and engine rpm than others. Also the shifting is very different now, seems to "drag" and be real lazy to changes when driving or trying to accelerate, and trans temps are a little higher than normal. Seems like some slipping/friction is occurring which is generating the additional heat. Is there a chance the clutches are damaged? I have heard these PCM's like to hang onto old parameters which can affect new flashes. I did a KAM reset multiple times but that didnt fix it. Any ideas? What parameters would be good to log in order to troubleshoot what is going on? Thank you in advance for your help!

    btw its a 2013 F150 Ecoboost

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    I pulled up the scanner layout I use and added some TCC channels and graphs. I am attaching a datalog from a few mile cruise. Can anyone see the issues I am having in the datalog? This is on a stock tune I flashed back into it. If there are any other channels I should be logging to find an issue let me know. I need some help please please!!!
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    Did you ever figure out the issue?

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    If there is a wrench light, you should have codes present so long as the scanner you are using can see/read them. Knowing which DTC's are set, would help a lot.
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