With v4.0, TrackAddict now offers pre-defined sector split points for many popular road course tracks, and this should continue to expand to even more tracks in future updates.

After you record laps at a track where you had sector splits enabled, the lap list will display the individual sector times for each lap, as well as your theoretical best lap time, which is based on your best sector times of that session. This is great for knowing what lap times you and your car are probably already capable of, and for showing your friends what could have been.

But here's the catch... Your existing tracks wont have sector splits enabled, and you'll need to do that before you record a session in order for this feature to work. You have two ways to enable them, from your Circuit track selection screen:

1) Tap on "Add New Track", and then you can add your favorite nearby tracks again. The ones that offer pre-defined sector splits will note that in the list, and you'll be prompted to use the default start/finish point as well as the sector splits, so answer Yes to both of those. Your own track list will also note if sectors are setup for each one, so that you can easily identify and delete your older track setups that lack it.

2) You can also manually add your own sector split points by selecting a track in your list, tapping on "Edit Track", and then using the "Add New Sector Split" button to add each split point. I'd suggest copying the Latitude and Longitude from your Start/Finish line, and then tapping on "Set With GPS or Map", so that it will show you the track map and then you can just tap & hold on the point on the track where you want that sector to end.

Please keep in mind that you'll need to drive the same track configuration and the same direction as what your sector split points are setup for. A missed sector trigger will show up in the sector list as a 0.000 time, and that could be caused by poor GPS reception, driving a different course configuration or direction than what was expected, an error in the sector split point coordinates / tolerance / heading, etc.