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Thread: Distorted audio

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    Distorted audio

    I'm using RR with a LG V30, and had this same issue with iPhone 5. The mp4 generate by TrackAddict on the phone sounds fine. However, once RR generates its mp4 file, the sound becomes very loud and distorted. It seems like something is amplifying the audio component of the video, and I can't find a setting in the output video file menu to control that.

    Any suggestions?

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    I am having similar issues, but using video from a GoPro: if I load the mp4 file and play it (both in the preview window of RR3 and after rendering) the audio sounds distorted, exactly in the way cscott mentions.
    The workaround I found was to extract the audio from the mp4 (this works even if using RR3 to extract the audio - by right clicking the loaded video file and choosing extract audio), then load this wav file.
    While this workaround does produce the expected audio quality, it adds unneccesary extra steps and time to the production process.

    Is this a known bug of RR3, or is there anything else we may try to solve this?

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    The first thing to try, and the most common solution, is the audio sample rate setting... If your input video has 48 kHz audio, then it may sometimes get distorted with a 44 kHz output setting (or a 22 kHz / 11 kHz preview setting), or vice versa. Usually, matching the output and preview audio rates to your input file's rate will solve most issues.

    When you go to create an output video file, click on "Show Advanced Settings", and then change the "Audio Sample Rate" setting. As 48 kHz has become more popular, I may also change our profile defaults to use that instead of 44 kHz in a future program update...

    If the audio is distorted when played on the preview screen, then clicking the "Preview Settings" button will give you access to the sample rate that is used for that.

    If that doesn't do it, then it's probably an audio codec or decoding issue. Those can be a bit more tricky, but common solutions include the following:

    1) If you're on Windows 7, either try Windows 10, or try to use QuickTime for decoding using the following steps:
    . a) Install Apple's free QuickTime 7 Player for Windows
    . b) Restart RaceRender 32-bit, then go to File->Media Libraries, and un-check "Media Foundation".
    . c) Now open your video or project again and the audio problem may disappear.

    2) Process the video through a 3rd party media re-encoding tool, such as Handbrake. This may need to be fully re-encoded (or at least the audio track does), rather than simply/quickly being "re-muxed".

    3) Try recording your future videos with a different audio setting, if offered.

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    I have a similar problem. RaceRender 3.7.3 Ultimate adds a click every few seconds or so, to the preview as well as the output file. The source video is at 48 kHz and does not have the clicks. I have tried various settings in RR including setting the Preview and Output to 48 kHz but nothing helps.