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Thread: P1810 Code After Engine/Trans Swap - 00 to 04 Programming Help Needed

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    P1810 Code After Engine/Trans Swap - 00 to 04 Programming Help Needed

    My issue seems very similar to what is described in this 3800Pro thread:

    I reached out to Brian who posted and helped get the OP sorted out over there, but unfortunately he is no longer in the 3800 tuning game.

    Details for my particular problem:
    * My car: 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
    * Donor engine/trans: 2004 Buick Park Avenue Ultra
    * I have the engine harness and PCM from the donor car, but did not use them during the swap
    * No issues except P1810 code set after 2-3 start cycles, upon which the trans won't shift any higher than 2nd gear
    * Autozone website free pinout diagrams for each of the PCMs indicate that the pin outputs are in the same configuration, which suggests that I shouldn't see any O2 sensor issues like the OP from the thread above if I use the 04 PCM from the donor car. Not sure I should trust the Autozone diagrams. (I have yet to search for the pinout info in my Helm's manuals to verify that the diagram for a 2000 GTP matches what they show, which would increase my confidence level in their docs.)
    * 04 donor PCM tune is attached as 04buick_servno12583827.hpt
    * Current 00 PCM tune is attached as current_stock_config.hpt
    * 04 donor PCM hardware info pics attached, but it reads... Connector stamp: "08 2403 U01751 BLUE 41 / 80 CLEAR 41" Hardware label: "SERV NO 12583827 YDZR, *86YDZRM13247DUQW* 12585031, HDW NO 12582720 YDZR"

    My questions:
    * Can I use the 04 donor PCM to resolve my issue? In other words, is the hardware compatible enough?
    * Is it as simple as just copying over my tables from my current tune into the 04 program, update VIN, flash, then perform security relearn? Or is there more to it?

    Ideally I'm looking for expert advice before I waste 2 credits from my interface on something that may be known not to work.

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