Hello all,

I am a new HP Tuners user. I recently purchased it to tune out some O2 sensors for LTs on my 2000 Trans Am. I have now moved on to my DD, a 2007 G6 GTP with the 3.6L VVT engine.

I had a code come in/out intermittently - P0017 - which is for the cam/crank sensor correlation - bank 1 sensor B. The car has 102,000 miles on it and I assumed that it needs a new timing chain (a fairly common issue with the LY7 engine). At the same time, the car needed to be inspected, so I tuned out that code with HP Tuners just to get through inspection. After getting it inspected, I planned on tackling the timing chain problem.

I finally got the car inspected today and while writing the tune to re-enable the P0017 code, the write was interrupted according to VCM Editor. Now, all I have on the dash is "Error." No starter, nothing. When I tried to read the ECM again, it asked for a VIN, which I entered. But there is no data in the ECM now; like it has been either fried or corrupted.

What do I do now? I'm assuming I need a new ECM... or can a dealer re-flash/re-write the existing one? Or is there a way to "blank" the ECM and re-write from scratch with HP Tuners myself? Any help would be MUCHLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,