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Thread: Hoping to fix Whipple flutter/ surge at part throttle

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    I'm thinking changing (smoothing) the desired cam angles made the biggest improvement in getting rid of the surging. I would watch the boost drop off and the exh angle went from 122-124 to 114 as the rpm kept rising, repeat and rinse. Just a guess though, I was all over the map changing things and this seemed to work.

    A link I found before: pg four. Pector55 coined it
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    Quote Originally Posted by blown392 View Post
    The files requested are attached. I will make my legal disclaimer here that any use of these files is at your own risk! The modified version is still in the works as I believe I have a false knock issue which I posted about in another thread. I hope that this helps and be careful!
    Thanks bro. My request was purely for academic purposes.