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Thread: GT500 Fuel pressure sensor and temp

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    GT500 Fuel pressure sensor and temp

    So I'm thinking about trying to send in a sensor voltage to the pin on the copperhead ecu that's used for fuel pressure on the GT500s on my coyote car.

    Does anyone know the range of the GT500 sensor? 0-100, 0-150psi etc.

    Once the switch is on I'm hoping hptuners will recognize the PID as it does with flex fuel but we will see. Hopefully this is something HPtuners can implement if it doesn't.
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    Did you have any luck with this?

    I'd like to put a fuel pressure sensor on my car, even if it is just temporary, to tune the inferred fuel pressure tables. Wondering how getting an OEM sensor and trying to find the transfer function compares to getting an aftermarket sensor.

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    Try this for the fuel pressure. Keep in mind, the pressure you'll see is differential pressure from fuel rail to the map port on top. You're best to connect a map line to the top port, especially if you run a regulator with boost on it because the sensor pegs at 72.5psi. I have the temp transfer function somewhere because I run this sensor with a standalone on my Fox body. I think it it uses the same as the old ECT sensors, if you really want it I can dig around.

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