Hey guys,

Wonder if any one knows the answer to this.
If I go ahead and buy the MPVI 2 no pro version when Pro comes out is it a whole new unit or just a upgrade add on to the new MPVI 2? In other words can I but the MPVI 2 and upgrade it or should I wait for PRO to come out?

I need pro to run my Wideband into the MPVI 2 correct? Im seeing some people say I need pro and a expander hub. What might all this cost me?

MPVI 2 - 299.99 (fair price)
PRO - $249.99 (okay I won't bitch)
2 credits - $99.99 (Worth every penny)
expander hub???

$650 Im willing to pay, I hope the hub isn't much if we need it also