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Thread: 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada PCM/Transfer Case Changes

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    1998 Oldsmobile Bravada PCM/Transfer Case Changes

    I'm new to HP Tuners and before I spend for the software and harware I want to know if I can edit what I want to edit.

    I need to change tire size, fuel/air mixture, transmission shifting. I also want to know if I will be able to change my transfer case computer. I would like some control over my transfer case.

    Currently added a lift and am adding a supercharger for some extra power for towing. I have read some but I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge working with the Bravada and the transfer case computer as well as any others that have first hand knowledge of Blazers/S10's with automatic transfer case systems, and what issues have come up. I'm pretty sure I want to purchase the HP Tuner editor but cant find reviews directly related to Automatic Transfer case modules. Yes I tried searching but the capcha keeps saying I'm not a human.

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    We can't modify or change anything with the transfers cases. That is not part of the PCM programming.

    I'd need to double check this or maybe someone will chime in but that year computer is what many call the "black box" or the old vortec style computers that give you okay tuning ability but not as good as a newer computer that many people swap in. They call it the 411 swap or P01 computer swap that was used after 1999-2000 in all the LS based trucks and the early 4.3's put into the GMT-800 platform. Those computers allow you to tune for boost and have far better operating systems for overall tuning.

    The rest of what you asked for should be do-able on both computers. You can alter the tire size, air/fuel ratio and transmission shifting. The 411 swap is the way to go if you plan to add boost though, in my opinion anyway.
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