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Thread: Spark retard logging on s550 gt

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    Spark retard logging on s550 gt

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to get some quick advice to make sure that I'm logging this correctly or if there is a better approach I should be taking.

    Here how I currently have it set up and how the log appears.



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    That is correct. It's easier if you're logging your Mapped Point Weights as well. If you have knock retard, you have the cell location in your histogram. Check the Mapped Point Weights to get which spark table the knock is occurring in. If you have 4 degrees knock retard in Mapped Point 5 : 25% and Mapped Point 6 :75%, pull 1 degree from Mapped Point 5 and 3 degrees from Mapped Point 6.

    The "Spark Retard" channel, negative values mean the PCM is adding timing, negative value, negative knock.
    A positive value is positive knock. Timing must be removed.

    There is also a channel that works the opposite called "Knock Correction." A negative value means timing is being pulled, you do have knock. The positive value means the PCM is adding timing.