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Thread: List of tables 15-28 2017 mustang

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    List of tables 15-28 2017 mustang

    Does anyone have a list of what mapped tables 15-28 are usedfor on a 17 mustang? Best fuel economy best drive optimum stability optimum performance etc.

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    Just 15 to 28, stock tune:
    Fuel Economy/Drivability = 20,21
    Optimum Stability = 22
    Optimum Performance = LOL.

    In the end whatever you're trying to do doesn't matter because you can just change it in the tune

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    You can change it in the tune, yes. These tables are used when the IMRCs are open. These tables ARE optimum power but not strictly. If you notice, the cam angles in 14-26 are very similar to 0-13. Reason being, transitioning into OP at any cam angle. Your OP angles will weigh into its appropriate table.

    14 is a primary blending point because of its ivo angle of 0*. IVO cruising angles are any where from 10* to 40*. We always advance IVO low to mid range for power, the transition from retarded +30*, to advanced -20, must weigh into mapped point 14's 0* IVO.