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Thread: tuneing options for 03 cadillac cts 3.2 ????????

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    tuneing options for 03 cadillac cts 3.2 ????????

    just purchased a clean and well taken care of 03 cts 3.2 , can any one offer any info on tuneing chips , Options in the tuneing dept , i plan on doing an exhuast and cold air intake first ......But have found alot of bs in my research and was wondering if anyone has any real options for this engine , THANK YOU

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    Caddy platform for v6 wasnt enabled in hpt until 2004 if i remember correctly. these should be the 2.8 and 3.6 engines.
    EFI Live only does the 2004 5.7 in the earliest years
    Jet-no options
    SCT Flash-no options
    Superchips-no options

    my guess is you would have to pull the prom and use a prom tuner if the prom is removable but that software isnt something i know a ton about and since others dont touch that year of cts i wouldn't be surprised if the prom readers didnt support that either.
    your best option may be to do a standalone but the integration to the rest of the body and chassis systems is an unknown factor to me. may not be worth the risk of loosing body and chassis controls.
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