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Thread: 8L90 TCC Locks and Unlocks Every Eight Seconds

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnlucky06 View Post
    New fluid just came out, the old formula for the trans fluid was hygroscopic, new fluid works stupid good at resolving the tcc shudder , I'm a dealer trans tech and man I am very skeptical on almost everything GM comes out with , but man the new fluid impressed the hell out of me, have had probably 20 8l90 and 8l45s in with terrible shudders , and the new fluid almost instantly cures it, gm says must be driven 200 miles

    Thanks for the input.
    I've always noticed AMSOIL ATF made mine (and other) transmissions works smoother.
    So I'm not surprised at what you said.

    But give us a little more info about this "new" ATF. What's it called ?? Dexron VII ??? cause I can't find anything about a new GM ATF anywhere.

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    im Looking for a reputable non dealer gm shop in the Bay Area ca (I’m in concord ) to do the flush for me.
    Dealer “couldn’t replicate” for me of course so it’s customer pay.

    I’d rather not pay dealer mark up pay. I need to do a 8l90 and an 8l45

    Sadly I don’t have access to a lift and I’m disabled so getting under the truck for this isn’t on the top of my “want to do lists”

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    For what it's worth man, pretty muuch every GM vehicle I've extensively driven seems to do this if you can even feel it most of the time is another thing. You actually gathered quantified data on it, that's cool. Seems like they started controling the auto transmissions differently post 1997-1998 or so and after that they wouldn't like to just stay locked. I was able to get my car to stay mostly locked however by adjusting obviously the lockup points, but also by raising the maximum ammount of allowed convertor lockup increasing engine load just a little basicly matching that same load I would get under light acceleration, allowing the transmission to stay in overdrive, with convertor fully locked without cycling on flat ground and even slight downhill slopes as long I maintain a steady consistent accelerator position.
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