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Thread: 2004 F150 - Need Help

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    2004 F150 - Need Help

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently built a motor for my brothers F150 and want to get it tuned before he returns from his deployment.

    Truck is a 2004 F150 with a 5.4 3V motor. Some of the items I've done in the build are cam phaser lock out kit, comp cam mutha thumper cam, and pacesetter long tubes.

    Yesterday I primed the oil system and started it for the first time. It fired right up and I had good oil pressure (Yes I used a mechanical gauge). I shut it off after I burped the air out of the coolant and let it hit temp as it was crammed in a garage and didn't want to stink the house up. I was tired so I the last thing I tried doing was downloading the stock tune file. To my surprise the OBD2 plug wasn't working. I also tried my Matco scanner and it wouldn't respond either. This kind of makes sense as I remember when his wife locked up the motor on the side of the highway and called me she told me the check engine light was on and really didn't know how to explain to me that it wouldn't crank over. I remember my brother had a Edge handheld tuner in his glove box and told her to plug it in and tell me the code. She told me it wouldn't light up and I kind of thought maybe it was just broken or maybe she was doing something wrong.

    Anyways my two questions are does anyone have any advice on troubleshooting the OBD plug and does anyone have any good advice on tuning this truck? I'm decent with GM. Ford, the only thing I've messed with is VCT deletes for stock cams. Some of the files I have don't really show a VE table or MAF table similar to GM.

    Sorry for the questions and I appreciate any advice.

    Thank you.
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    Check the Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel fuse #41 20 amp fuse that powers up the OBD connector.


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    Thank you. Got the fuse swapped out and downloaded the file. I disabled VCT and rear O2 sensors. Running it a little more it idles rough. I know it's untuned really with different cams but it just seems way off. Reading with the scanner my fuel trims are reading like 25-35. MAP sensor is showing 0PSI. One thing I did find was I forgot to attach the ground strap from the back of the cylinder head to the firewall. :-(.. dumb move on my part. I'm not sure that would cause my problems or not.

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    Ground and coils replaced. Still running like crap. Any ideas?

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    Are you sure the cam timing is correct?