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Thread: questions about dodge basic fuel tuning

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    Smile questions about dodge basic fuel tuning

    Hi guys
    I need help with understanding dodge basic fuel tuning
    I'm not professional tuner I'm beginner and lets say someone trying to learn and improve him self and work with our family cars.
    I'm worked and achieved good progress in learning ford tuning
    So, my brother car 2014 v6 3.6L charger was tuned by local tuner with 87 octane
    He want to change it to 91 octane, tune its not that big deal increasing timing at WOT
    But I have couple question about dodge tuning.

    In ford we have base fuel map ( value in lambda ) and MAF curve
    So tuning ford depends in MAF curve and commanded AFR in fuel base
    With LTFT+STFT we can archive target AFR.
    -What is the base air flow map and the target fuel map?

    I compared the stock file of my brother car with the tuned file
    The car has cold air intake
    The difference in fueling I find (fuel ? Power inrich ?power enrichment (aircharge , pratio)) only
    Was adjusted by the tuner
    -can someone explain this tow tables?
    *pic of the tow tables

    If the aircharge is for afr so can I tune the afr by LTFT+STFT by the scanner
    (Table between aircharge with rpm)

    Sorry for my bad English
    Thanks guys.


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