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Thread: 2015 Musty GT Whipple -28 Fuel trims

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    2015 Mustang GT Whipple -28 Fuel trims

    I have a 2015 Whipple 2.9 mustang GT on a Whipple OS. It has the 72 LB Injectors in it and I swapped to the 1050x Injectors and used IDs data. Now I have -28 fuel trims. Is it best to adjust high and low slopes of the Injectors to get the trims right or lower the maf ?
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    Post the tune with the updated injector info.

    You can lower the maf value but there shouldnt be a 28% swing if the injector data is right.

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    Your MAF data you be accurate, chances are your injector or inferred pressure data is what is off.

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    My gt350 did the same thing. If you pull out the injector data that’s built into the cal for the 72s you will find it is very much different than the published data. I eventually threw in the towel and I am going with a aftermarket calibration this spring. There is something up with their calibrations, as others have stated it may be fuel pressure differences but in either case I was not comfortable with the behavior I was seeing in the logs. In my case the worst behavior is at idle and short PW. Also saw IPC torque related issues at idle and low load. Everything smoothed out as load increased. Nothing the cal did matched what I really expected based on my very limited knowledge.