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Thread: Rally stage distance display

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    Rally stage distance display

    Using 3.7 ultimate and I can add a text object to display rally stage distance, however it never starts at zero. I have looked under config against the data channels and tried to use a calculated field, but it appears that distance is already a calculated field and I can't get it as an input field. If I could I then should be able to subtract the start distance that is displayed and it would work.

    Any ideas on how to do this?


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    I'm using RaceChrono which provides this as an individual field in the CSV itself. I run my output through a small program to format my autocross runs into specific laps and perform the same calculation that you're suggesting.

    Since this is a calculated field for you, I'm not sure that there's much you can do beyond adding a new column to your data file and manually adding it in. Perhaps Weston will add the ability to calculate fields based on calculated fields in the future?

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    I, too, would like to have this capability, i.e., to adjust a calculated field.

    I often use GoPro (8 Black) telemetry data. It's nice that RR automatically combines the videos and all data embedded in them. The problem is that I generally create a finished product that is only some portion of all that, and when displaying the distance traveled that text data will start at some non-zero value (based on how far along in the combined file my final video extraction starts). It would be really nice if I could zero-out that start distance.

    @Weston@HPTuners, any thoughts on this issue that you would care to share, especially given that it's been half a year since this question was posed?


    Bill P.