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Thread: Na BA to FG Turbo Map Help

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    Na BA to FG Turbo Map Help

    Ok so i have been looking around in the software for a while now and my BA ECU does not have any Map Sensor Calibration setting to change from 1bar to 2.5 bar fg map.

    What do i need to do?
    Do i need to load a tune in from a later model falcon that has map settings for me to change?

    This is the first na to turbo conversion and it is really doing my head in as everyone says that these fg maps are plug and play and it will not even run at all.

    Any help would be great.
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    It should be there under Airflow, General.
    Post up a copy of the file your working with. I've done a few NA to turbo ecu conversions BA & BF. I should be able to help you get it going. PM me if you want.
    I'd stick with your factory BA NA ECU file and just cut &paste everything from a BA turbo of a similar calibration.
    Wiring harnesses are different in BF & FG compared to BA. Thats prob why it won't go.

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    Ok Luke111 i have added the file for you, I tried this before but i have not tried it with turbo logic enabled.

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    Ok Luke111 i have added the file for you, I tried this before but i have not tried it with turbo logic enabled.

    Fg turbo map sensor has the same plug as ba/non turbo and apparently is meant to be a plug and play but my ecu does not show the map settings for some reason..

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    Ok anyone reading this here is some info.
    Using FG Turbo map sensor- 0261230128 Direct plug in to NA BA cars, No wiring mod needed.
    Enable Turbo logic in the ecu and it works!! i now have boost.

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    I've never heard of the FG map sensor swap but that's handy to know!
    I cut the connector and resoldered the wires when I went from BA NA to BA turbo.
    I see you are running strategy HAAN9AW - and those extra parameters are not showing for your file.
    You could email HPTuners and ask them to add it for you.
    I have a BA XR6T II strategy I downloaded from the repository and it shows the map sensor settings. HAANFG4
    If you enable turbo logic, you shouldn't need to change the map sensor values with the 2.5bar.

    I'll check your file and make sure it looks ok for turbo. If I see anything wrong I will let you know....

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    OK I've had a look at your tune. I don't know where to start. Looks like its still mostly NA settings. It all looks really bad to be honest.
    This is my advice (take it with a grain of salt but it has worked for me).
    Get the last/best strategy Ford made for the BA XR6 Turbo. You can get a BA F6 Ute strategy from the repository. (Attached it for you)
    ba f6 ute.hpt

    You want to load up VCM Editor and load your file first the use the compare map to the BA F6 file. Then you want to cut/paste every single item you can see so they match. You can tell by looking at the colours of the buttons.
    This can be tricky sometimes. You need to cut/paste the axis as well. Sometime you need to go to many decimal places to get them to copy over so the buttons change to red. If they stay green it isn't identical between files.

    Its especially important to cut/paste all the transmission stuff over. It will help the transmission live.
    I could do this all for you but you won't learn anything if I do that.

    I noticed the breakpoint number you are using is wrong too. U need to fix that up. Also what you've done with the ignition timing isn't right. Just stick with the factory settings if its running on petrol. Keep all the correction tables original too. If you are running on E85 thats a different story. File name says stock injectors so I'd assume not.
    You need to upgrade the fuel pressure regulator too. The stock 2.8bar NA fuel reg with stock injectors won't keep up. The factory turbo 4 bar reg and injectors will only go to 8-9psi.

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    Thanks Luke for looking into all of it
    I did notice that the breakpoint was wrong just before so i have rectified that.
    I have been playing around with the gearbox settings a bit and it is shifting really well, could be something to do with the diff gears 4.11 and car being lighter than a falcon (R33 Skyline).
    Definitely will look into the F6 Tune, I had another tune that had most XR6T settings in so maybe ill switch to that and enable Turbo Logic on that one.

    I have an aftermarket fuel regulator that is adjusted around 60psi and the injectors are showing they are maxed out on 8psi.
    I have tuned factory turbo ones and they usually run out of fuel around the 300rwhp mark depending on condition of the car.

    Might as well just start with the stock maps and modify to suit.

    Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it.