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Thread: 2011 Acadia 3.6 Trans Tune

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    2011 Acadia 3.6 Trans Tune

    Anyone have a good tranny tune for these acadia. Im unsure exactly what to change here. Im not looking to 100% remove it or anything just make not feel so laggy if possible. Thanks

    Stock File:
    Dad Acadia.hpt
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    Try bumping the on-coming pressure presets for 0 and 1 by like 5-10%, maybe more if required but don't get crazy there.

    Also lower the shift times a little bit. The Shift time Torque Adder normal tables are where you make the changes. Try like .3500 to .4000s shift times for part and medium throttle. It's referenced in torque so 0-200ish ft lbs is typical. Look at how the table is setup and just keep a similar look to it. I tend to highlight a given area and do multiply by .95 to take away 5% at the time, then smooth the table when I'm done.

    You'll have to do a trans adapt preset/reset with the VCM scanner after flashing and prior to driving it when you make changes like this. This way it will learn the new settings.
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    Any other tables i should be changing? Trying to do some research on these not much out there. I saw somebody disabling torque converter in 1-4 gears aswell.