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Thread: 4T45E shift point adjustments for ~50% car weight?

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    4T45E shift point adjustments for ~50% car weight?

    Hi - I have kit car with a 2.2/4T45E out of a cobalt. The kit car total weight is about 1200 lbs. Stock Transmission tune. When driving it aggressively works to upshift before i hit the high RPMS im looking for. Just looking for some general guidance on which tables to focus on to hold shifts to higher RPMs/MPH (versus lower RPM shifts at part throttle).

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    What ecm/tcm are you using? If it's the one of many 4t45e cars you will go to shift scheduling tab and there you can adjust RPM shift points and MPH shift points. Make sure you set your fuel cut off on the ecu to at least 200 rpm higher than your shift points to avoid bouncing off the rev limiter when shifting.

    Hope this helps