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Thread: Tune gets a bug and no longer works anyone else?

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    Tune gets a bug and no longer works anyone else?

    iv had this problem ever since I started tuning my 5.0. its a 2012 saleen supercharged, problem I have is for no reason ill have a perfectly working tune and then will get a bug on the very next flash. sometimes it will be as simple as adjusting fuel maf period and it will cause a the timing tables to use map points 1-9 when wot and at 6000 rpm it will jump to OP table , also car will develop a die returning to idle issue. or worst case a no start after just adjusting fuel. have checked battery when uploading always at 13v, firmware is updated. I have tried making a support ticket with no luck.
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    Strange. I don't have that issue but what I get is the file won't open in the editor. I'll make change, save it, flash it, an when I open it again it won't open. I end up using a file from before. Also, the file size is 1kb bigger. I'm not saying HPT is my issue as it just started when I switched computers so I'm wondering if the computer is doing something. I haven't posted a ticket on it though.