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Thread: Need someone to clear this up. Enhanced OS, segment swap problem.

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    Need someone to clear this up. Enhanced OS, segment swap problem.

    Do I have to pay additional credits to get my enhanced OS back so I can have 2 bar availability. I believe I'm on the right track now but want to make sure so I don't screw up the pcm. I'm trying to do a 60e to 80e swap. Everything else is done, wiring, drive shaft and so on. My original OS # is 12212156. I've concluded I can't do a segment swap to the Enhanced OS being my engine parameters went to hell. So I tried it to my original stock tune/OS# and everything appears to be in place, except for not having 2 bar. So now it looks like I have to apply the 2 bar OS again and then transfer my current tune over. Everything minus Trans and Trans Diag.

    Also the vehicles I found, only 2, at the Tune Repository only had 4.10 gears, I have 3.73. Will this cause an issue with shifting of the transmission if I don't change it right away? I would prefer to find a matching OS 4L80e with 3.73 gears but seems to be only 2 trucks there.

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    Upgraded or I could say upgrading OS's have been free for years.

    If you have your stock file and that has all the OS options, you can flash back to that. Then apply your new OS, then flash that back in. You'd want to do the segment swap with the stock file first though, which it sounds like you have that covered.

    Just change the gear ratio with the gear/tire wizard under the edit tab or make sure it still says what gears you have. Then it makes zero difference if you grabbed a file from another vehicle that used a different gear ratio.
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    I got it going. Funny how the VE has to be manually changed though. I somewhat remember it doing that when I originally upgraded the OS a few months ago to 2 bar.

    Also when I did the segment swap, I only swapped the trans and trans diag. It had an option for speedo to be swapped but since it had 4.11 gears I didn't transfer that section. The trans seems to be shifting fine but want to make sure doing this is ok?