I have an 04 Saturn Ion Redline running E85. Full mods with 2.8 pulley. Last winter I tuned it and fuel was 74% ETOH (not flex fuel capable). Im running DW300 fuel pump with Fuellab BRFPS with ethanol sensor read by interceptor gauge. Im running ID1000 injectors at 42psi. Everything was going well and now with spring/summer blend it is now 80%. I have changed my commanded stoich and calculations and ready to retune VE and MAF tables to not run so rich. It still runs decent, but STFT are rich. I've turned LTFT back on to help until better tuned, and am going easy on throttle.

So needed some help and advise and problems with HPT. I'm trying to fail MAF and tune VE with my WB, but after I flash it and start the scanner it still reads MAF frequency. Here's what I have done. Let me know what I'm doing wrong if any:

1. Engine Diagnostics
a. MAF fail at 0 Hz
b. Min and Max ECT to 493 degrees
c. DTC P0101, P0102, P0103, P1101 set to not report
2. Engine
a. Airflow. Dynamic airflow RPM disable and re-enable set to 8192 (pushes into closed loop)
b. Fuel
1. Closed loop enable set ECT vs. Startup ECT to 300, delay to 32767, and O2 rediness ECTto 400 (shuts off STFT)
2. LTFT max out min and max ECT to 493 (shuts off LTFT)
3. Open Loop Gains. Set all tables (Gas/gear:P/N Gas P/N: IVT Gain Gas: EQ ratio min) to 1.0 (changes fuel from high/low octane tables)
4. My commanded stoich is 10.1422 and my PE table is set across the board to 1.250
5. Temperature control. COT tables to 0 and temp thresholds to 7405 (turns off cat protection. I'm running catless anyways and leave this off)
6. Piston protection maxed to 8192 to turn off during tuning
c. Spark
1. Copied high to low octane to force to read always from high
2. Base corrections all zeroed out to not adjust octane tables (piston slap, fuel, ICT, ECT, EGR, catalyst)

When I flash it and start scanner (after at 170 engine temp) I don't see STFT and LTFT, but I still see MAF frequency measured and graphing. What I'm trying to do is force into closed loop, no MAF input, and tune with my WB the VE table with WB error in my histogram.

What am I missing? Any and all help is much appreciated.