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Thread: 05 magnum rt built 6.1 swap tps issues

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    05 magnum rt built 6.1 swap tps issues

    I built a 6.1 and put it in my 05 magnum rt
    I got a 6.1 tune and tweaked it
    For some reason I only get 86% tps at max throttle
    With stock throttle body 85mm and my 90mm
    New pedal
    But the 6.1 tune I'm pretty sure I was seeing 98 to 99% at work
    I cant find my 5.7 data log to recheck
    Does anyone have the tps voltage tables for it to be right am I still actually getting full throttle but just showing 86%?
    It's a beast now on 200 shot
    But if I'm missing 14% throttle!

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    Are you looking at the pedal percentage or the actual Tbody. Anything over 75 percent for Chrysler is considered WOT. But as always.... Post the tune and log..

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    Tps in vcm scanner log